The Imperfection of Art with Erica Lockwell

Ready for an imperfection brain teaser? 🤔 You know the old saying, “Art imitates life”? Well, as recovering perfectionists, we know that life is imperfect. And as imperfect beings, we create imperfect art imperfectly. And that imperfection is an art in itself.

So, how do we learn the art of embracing our imperfections, in life and in art? According to today’s guest, artist Erica Lockwell, community is key. Letting go of perfectionism in all areas of our lives, from our work to our relationships, gets a whole lot easier when we have a safe and loving space around us filled with people who care for and support us...kinda like this community right here, the Eff Perfect fam.

MFTP Episode 22: The Imperfection of Art with Erica Lockwell


Step 1: Find your people — because you need to find that support system and that space to experiment without judgment.
— Erica Lockwell
You don’t have to follow the script that everyone says you have to follow, and the only way you’re going to figure that out is if you get curious about what the possibilities are.
— Erica Lockwell
Art isn’t a finished product. It’s a practice for getting in touch with something that you wouldn’t otherwise be in touch with.
— Erica Lockwell
Curating the objects you want to have around you is a creative act and a statement about the life you want to create.
— Erica Lockwell


  • The importance of owning our perfectionist identities, especially when we’re doing things imperfectly

  • All about the phenomena of procrasti-cleaning, procrasti-baking, and other ways we get stuck in the creative process

  • The black and white trap of perfectionism and the benefits of embracing allllllll the gray areas

  • Creating a safe space where you can share yourself, your work, and your art freely

  • How to move forward with controversial art, projects, and choices when you’re a people-pleaser


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