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Decoding Procrastination Workshop - Eff Perfect.jpg

decoding procrastination workshop

As recovering perfectionists, we’re way too familiar with procrastination.

It’s our constant companion.

So, let’s make procrastination work for us for once!

Speak Up Workshop - Eff Perfect.jpg

Speak up   workshop

Are you a people pleaser?

We’ve got our hands raised. 🙋‍♀️

It’s time to speak up! 🗣

And choose courage over comfort. 🦁

Workshop Bundle - Eff Perfect.jpg

workshop bundle

Want to get in on both workshops for a discount?

Middle Finger to Perfection Menu - Eff Perfect.jpg

middle finger to perfection menu

Use this menu to incorporate small (and big!) ways to give the middle finger to perfection every day.

Destination Zen Workshop - Eff Perfect

destination zen workshop

Money worries are so common for us recovering perfectionists.

We often feel scarcity around money and want to control every last cent.

Through money mapping, financial freedom is possible!