Stripped Down

We are doing something totally different on the podcast today. We’re getting stripped down and vulnerable as we coach and support each other through our own limiting beliefs around deserving, being good enough, and abundance. We’ve got no rules, no script, no safety net, and no holding back.

If you’ve ever wondered what coaching might be like — or what it’s like inside our heads — here’s the naked, behind the curtain reality.

MFTP Episode 56: Stripped Down


  • Why it all starts with vulnerability

  • Noticing our knee-jerk limiting beliefs, thought patterns, and negative narratives — and how to gather + examine the evidence for and against therm

  • Why we tend to overestimate our own blame, responsibility, and control and underestimate our credit + agency

  • Paying attention to our set points and familiarity zones — and using visualization to move beyond them

  • What our weight and our finances have to do with one another


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