I Am Not My Perfectionism with Leslie Kuny

Today’s guest has figured out the secret sauce for turning perfectionism into a force for good in her life and in the world without letting herself be defined by it. We are so excited to introduce you to OG Eff Perfect fam member and inspiration in human form, Leslie Kuny of West Coast Leslie Designs.

Since launching her business from a place of perfectionism and the loss of her father, Leslie has grown that business into a successful and thriving tribute to him and to not allowing perfectionism to define or rule her. Things are about to get real, fam, so get ready to laugh and maybe even shed a few tears. 🤧

MFTP Episode 55: I Am Not My Perfectionism with Leslie Kuny


We are not our perfectionism.
— Leslie Kuny
Setting boundaries, even when it’s uncomfortable, is a small step toward valuing ourselves more than others.
The world that I’m creating is more important, and I just hope that people outside will hang out or not hang out — and if they don’t, that’s probably for the best.
— Leslie Kuny
You are worth saying no.
— Leslie Kuny


  • How perfectionism + loss led Leslie to start and grow a successful business

  • Why perfectionism is a filter on who we are not the entirety of who we are

  • The healing power of an ugly cry

  • Using humor to manage conflict avoidance and people pleasing

  • How to set healthy boundaries and embrace authenticity over likability


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