Mindful Spending with Kathy Frogosa

What if the M word — M-O-N-E-Y — didn’t have to be scary? 💸😱 And what if we could pair the M of money with the M of mindfulness to create a completely new framework for interacting with our finances? Well, we can, and our guest on the podcast today has done just that.

Welcome to mindful spending, fam. It’s equal parts awareness, compassion, curiosity, and intuition all mixed together with a magical money map. How do you want your financial life to feel? Let’s find out with today’s incredible guest, Kathy Frogosa of Frogosa’s Elite Solutions.

MFTP Episode 57: Mindful Spending with Kathy Frogosa


We often think of money as something different or altogether separate, so we don’t realize that a lot of our restrictive thinking and behavior in other areas of our lives, like eating and movement,
applies to money as well.
— Kathy Frogosa
Your finances and financial life don’t have to look a certain way.
— Kathy Frogosa
Once we look at money from a compassionate place,
then it doesn’t have as much power over us.
We’re no longer trying to control it
but instead use it to help us achieve our goals.
— Kathy Frogosa


  • How to incorporate ACC (awareness, compassion, + curiosity) and mindfulness into our financial lives

  • Deciphering our financial stories

  • Utilizing intuition and body check-ins to make more aligned financial decisions

  • Using authenticity as a way to manage our perfectionism

  • The difference between a money map and a budget


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