2018: Recovering Perfectionists Take Over The World

It’s 2018, and the Eff Perfect fam is back together! 🎉 Ashley has returned from her New Zealand adventures, and we are so ready to dive into our intentions and goals for the year ahead. Did we mention that recovering perfectionists are taking over the world??

This episode is dedicated to our Eff Perfect community. 2018 is our year to learn to love ourselves wholeheartedly, regardless of our imperfections, break the cycle of dependence on external approval, and stop allowing perfectionism to get in the way of living our boldest, most badass lives.

MFTP Episode 9: 2018 → Recovering Perfectionists Take Over The World


  • Our Eff Perfect goals, intentions, mission, and values for 2018 → Hint: Recovering perfectionists are taking over the world. 💪 👊

  • What the Eff Perfect community is all about in the year ahead -- and beyond!

  • How we’re making connection -- real connection -- happen in 2018

  • Ways to remind ourselves to give the middle finger to perfection, support each other on our journeys, and recognize other Eff Perfect babes out in the world

  • Jenna and Ashley’s personal intentions for 2018


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