Body Love with Jenny Eden Berk

In today’s episode, we are so excited and honored to welcome our very first guest, brilliant Health Coach, Eating Psychology Coach, and author Jenny Eden Berk. Jenny brings her expertise in body love to the show in the form of a mini masterclass on the intersection of perfectionism and body image. Jenny makes body love gentle, fun, and so much simpler than it seems.

This episode is for all of our fellow perfectionist sisters who want to stop chasing external ideals and start making peace with their body and their relationship with food once and for all. Less punishment, more joy. Body love is possible, and Jenny shows us that we’re closer to it than we might think.

MFTP Episode 4: Body Love with Jenny Eden Berk


  • The hidden perfectionism in "eating clean” and “being good” around food + movement

  • The problem with pleasure when it comes to eating + body image

  • What really shapes our body image

  • How to incorporate your intuition + mindfulness into your relationship with food and your body

  • Jenny’s 4 body image realms: physical, nutritional, embodiment, and social -- and simple, positive steps you can take today in each of these realms


Jenny Eden Coaching

Institute for the Psychology of Eating

The Body Image Blueprint: Your Go-To Guide for Radical Self-Reverence book by Jenny Eden Berk

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Jenny’s Wellness Warriors Facebook group

Jenny Eden Berk on Instagram

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