Eff It Attitude

What’s the difference between giving the middle finger to perfection and having an eff it attitude? Is there a difference at all? And is it ever okay to just say eff it? In this episode, we’ll be answering these questions and many more as we explore when to put our middle fingers up + power through and when to throw up our hands + say eff it.

This conversation is for those of us who are sick of feeling disempowered and out of control in our own lives -- just being pulled along by circumstance and what happens to us -- and who want to take a more active role in creating the feelings + outcomes we want in our lives. This also for the people who want to pull back the curtain to understand why we do what we do and release the guilt + shame we’ve been holding onto.

MFTP Episode 3 - F*ck It Attitude


Giving the middle finger to perfection is a practice. There are going to be times when you nail it and times when you don’t. And that’s when you have to let go of guilt, judgment, and shame.
— Ashley
Guilt is such an overused emotion, and it doesn’t serve us.
— Ashley


  • The key difference between giving the middle finger to perfection and having an eff it attitude (Hint: It has to do with empowerment versus disempowerment.)

  • What having an eff it attitude has to do with things like emotional eating

  • How our current emotional state impacts the way we perceive the world around us

  • Why mindfulness is the first step toward creating your desired emotional + mental states

  • What the heck an “accountabilibuddy” is and why you need one, like, yesterday


The Subtle Art of Not Giving [an Eff] book by Mark Manson


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