What do you do when life feels more gritty than grateful? In this episode, we explore what gratitude in real life looks like -- grititude, as we like to call it -- and figure out how to incorporate it even when things feel more gritty than grateful.

If you want to establish a long-term relationship with gratitude, one that can weather the ups and downs of messy, imperfect life, then this is the episode you’ve been waiting for. We also share our favorite gratitude practices, how we incorporate them into our lives, and how we make them stick.

Middle Finger to Perfection Episode 5 - Grititude


Gratitude is a conscious choice that you can make at any moment, in any situation.
— Jenna
You can’t just slap a gratitude band-aid on a really crappy situation and think that it’s gonna make it all better.
— Ashley
Sometimes feeling crappy isn’t a choice, but gratitude still is.
— Jenna
Gratitude isn’t a weapon. It’s not a defense to keep yourself protected from feeling like crap. It’s a tool to find compassion for yourself, for your situation when you’re feeling crappy.
— Ashley


  • Ashley + Jenna’s journeys with gratitude

  • How we want our long-term relationships with gratitude to look + feel

  • Our current favorite gratitude practices

  • What it means to be “gratitude curious”

  • How Ashley made her gratitude practice stick (Hint: It involves a gratitude accountabilibuddy!)


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