Stress Less, Live More with Courtney Elmer

Of all the things we want less of in our lives, most of us would put stress at the top of that list. Less stressing means more living, right?

Our guest this week, Courtney Elmer, learned that lesson the hard way when she was diagnosed with cancer at age 25. Since then, she’s made it her mission to bring more life into her life and those of the people she coaches. As an Empowerment Speaker and Stress Coach, Courtney shows us how to pinpoint and eliminate the underlying causes of stress and overwhelm so we can live more vibrant, fulfilling lives.

If your life feels full of all the wrong things like busywork and mindless to do’s, then this is the deep, cleansing breath you’ve been waiting for. Pop in your earbuds and prepare to exhale, babe.

MFTP Episode 36: Stress Less, Live More with Courtney Elmer


Stress and busyness are often mistakenly treated as badges of honor.
— Courtney Elmer
Balance is a myth. It’s about integrating our work and our life in a way that’s sustainable and fulfilling.
— Courtney Elmer
Every time we say yes to something, we are inherently saying no to something else.
— Courtney Elmer
We can live the lives we want to live right now.
— Courtney Elmer


  • What procrasti-working looks like and how it gets in our way

  • The difference between action mode and busy mode

  • How to turn “have to” into “want to”

  • Why today -- and every day -- is a special occasion

  • The phenomenon of “opportunity obstacles” and how they block our progress


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Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No To Take Control of Your Life book by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

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