20 Minutes to Zen

We are about to have an experience together — a deeply nourishing, calming, and grounding experience — as Ashley leads us through her meditative morning routine. This interactive morning routine has a little bit of everything — meditation, movement, gratitude, abundance, journaling, and so much more.

Whether you’re commuting, sitting at your desk, or anywhere in between, give yourself this 20-minute gift anytime you need or want a little slice of zen in your life. From our hearts to yours, these are guaranteed feel-good vibes. 🧘‍♀️

20 Minutes to Zen - Middle Finger to Perfection


  • Ashley’s simple yet juicy morning routine

  • Why Ashley starts her day with the powerful combination of checking in with her body and her gratitude

  • Tips for tailoring your daily meditation to your specific daily needs

  • The roles of abundance and pride in Ashley’s morning routine

  • Adding journaling and free writing to your morning routine

  • Incorporating gentle stretching and movement into your morning routine


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