- the act of delaying or postponing something

- The twin sister of perfectionism 👯‍♀️

- The bane of our existence 😣

Decoding Procrastination Workshop

As recovering perfectionists,

we’re way too familiar with procrastination.

It’s our constant companion.

So, let’s make procrastination work for us for once!


What we’ll learn

  • How we define procrastination

  • The symbiotic, cyclical relationship between procrastination and perfectionism

  • The role procrastination plays in our lives

  • How to tune into what procrastination is trying to teach us

  • 10 tangible tools for managing procrastination

How we’ll learn

  • 2-hour interactive video workshop recorded via Zoom for you to enjoy anytime, anywhere

  • Juicy workbook to help you take the content deeper and apply the tools in your life

Decoding Procrastination Workshop

Are you ready to free yourself from the paralysis of procrastination?

Connect with the fam and learn some fab tools!