The Trap of Worthiness Seeking

What makes us worthy? Is it our positive qualities + traits, how much money we have in the bank, our job title, how productive we are, what others think of us, how much we weigh, what we look like, how big our house is?

Most of us spend our lives chasing these external metrics and alleged barometers of worth. But what if not a single one of those things could increase or decrease our worthiness in this world? What if worthiness was an inside job? True fact: It is. ✅

If you’re sick of depending on the next compliment or accomplishment to make you feel okay, then this conversation is for you. Until we change our beliefs about worthiness, there will never be enough external reassurance that we’re okay. Thankfully, though, we have limitless resources within, and today we’re going to learn how to uncover and tap into them.

MFTP Episode 44: The Trap of Worthiness Seeking


When it comes to seeking worthiness outside of ourselves, the crux of it is this: If the feedback we get doesn’t match our internal beliefs — if we don’t already believe that we’re worthy — we’re not actually going to take any of that feedback on board.
— Jenna
Everything that any of us will ever need is already within us right now.
— Jenna
All the love, acceptance, confidence, and wisdom you’ll ever need is already within you. The challenge is to listen to what’s within, uncover it, and not allow it to be drowned out or overshadowed by the external. That is your truth.
— Ashley
If we focus on the external, there will never be enough,
but if we focus on the internal, we’ll never run out.
— Jenna


  • What it means to be a worthiness seeker

  • The ways in which we seek approval and worthiness outside ourselves

  • Where our standards of worthiness come from

  • How to shift focus from externally-driven worthiness to internally-created worthiness

  • Why externally-driven worthiness is a myth and fallacy — and the truth about worthiness


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