Ease Isn't Always Easy

Doing our work in the world with ease doesn’t always equate to cheap + easy, whether that work is our career, our family, or our personal growth + development. There are so many misconceptions about work, with hustle, grind, and struggle on one end of the spectrum and ease + flow on the other.

Is it true that if you find your passion, you’ll never work a day in your life, or do we have to earn our success through blood, sweat, and tears? If these kinds of questions keep you up at night or you’ve been itching to find a middle ground, then this just might be the conversation you’ve been waiting for.  

MFTP Episode 32: Ease Isn't Always Easy


I used to think that if it’s too easy, it’s not good enough,
but I just don’t know that I can buy into that anymore.
— Ashley
Flow is a choice.
It doesn’t just happen, and it requires work.
— Jenna
Stay open to what’s possible and have the self-belief that you can make it.
Half heart, half discipline, all love.
— Ashley
Don’t get caught up in hustling for the hustle’s sake.
— Jenna


  • Common misconceptions about the meaning of work and success

  • Grind + hustle versus flow + ease

  • What middle ground looks like when it comes to work -- and the work of our lives

  • How manifesting a Vitamix changed Jenna’s view about what’s possible

  • Ways to infuse more easiness into ease


Megan Dowd of Megan Has Good Words

Megan Dowd of Megan Has Good Words on Instagram

MFTP Episode 7: Doing Hard Things with Megan Dowd

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