We’re Quitters — and Proud of It

You may have missed it, fam, but we recently passed Quitters’ Day, the day about two weeks into January when it’s said that most people quit their resolutions for the new year. So, we figured this was the ideal time to talk about why we’re quitters — and proud of it. We are all about quitting things that aren’t working for us, especially soul-sucking resolutions based on pushing and striving.

In this week’s episode, we explore why and when quitting is a good thing, alternative approaches to self-discipline, and how to tell the difference between resistance and when a goal truly isn’t serving us. Here’s to choosing life-affirming goals over soul-sucking ones. Every. Damn. Day. 🙌

MFTP Episode 52: We’re Quitters — and Proud of It


Sometimes, quitting is the most self-compassionate thing we can do and the thing that best serves our highest good.
— Jenna
Quitting can set us free. It can create more clarity for what we really want, desire, and deserve in our lives.
— Ashley
The difference between soul-sucking and life-giving goals lies in the intention behind them and where they’re birthed from.
— Ashley
A life-affirming goal never comes from a self-hating place.
— Jenna


  • The stigma around quitting and being a quitter

  • Why quitting can actually be a good thing when it comes to our goals

  • What it means to have flexible, or feminine energy, discipline around our goals — i.e., discipline plus flow

  • The role of deep knowing and intuition in pursuing our goals

  • How to tell the difference between a goal that’s not working for us and resistance around a goal that we actually do want

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