Invisible → I’m Visible

How many of us are walking around this world every day in an invisibility cloak? Trying to take up as little space as possible -- literally and figuratively, staying safely within the boundaries of our comfort zones, and hoping no one really sees or notices us. Because if they did, they might notice our flaws, our eff ups, our shortcomings. The last thing most of us recovering perfectionists want to invite into our lives is more judgment, whether from ourselves or others, and visibility often means vulnerability.

Well, we’re here to say middle fingers up to the fear of being seen. We’re about to figure out how to show up for ourselves, own our identities and our stories, be the stars of our own lives, and become our own leaders.

MFTP Episode 39: Invisible → I’m Visible


We can’t have Oprah-level impact and Oprah-level influence
without Oprah-level attention and stakes.
— Jenna
We need to become our own biggest fans and surround ourselves with big fans to pump us up when we encounter resistance outside ourselves and within ourselves.
— Jenna
We need to lead by example and be our own leaders first.
— Ashley
Be the star of your own show, the star of your life.
— Ashley


  • What it means to be visible and take up space in the world

  • How old narratives and limiting beliefs get in the way of visibility

  • Why visibility means vulnerability

  • Finding our visibility training wheels

  • Identifying our visibility (s)heroes


Tess Holiday

Eff Your Beauty Standards

Elizabeth Gilbert

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