Say Yes to Rejection with Tiffany Han

If the idea of stepping toward rejection, saying yes to it, elicits a slight queasiness and a strong desire to bolt in the opposite direction, then you need today’s guest in your life.

Tiffany Han teaches smart, driven women how to become the most remarkable versions of themselves and learn to raise their hands and say yes to all the things they want to do, be, and say without compromising their standards — or their sanity.

Tiffany knows that the road to a fulfilled life that feels like freedom is paved with bold moves from deep within our discomfort zones.

In this interview, Tiffany schools us on what it means to have crazy faith, why fear of rejection is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and the power of having grace for our failures.

Say Yes to Rejection with Tiffany Han - Middle Finger To Perfection podcast - Eff Perfect


Your failures will disappoint you.
— Tiffany Han
When you let fear of rejection drive your actions, the thing that you’re most afraid of ends up coming true.
— Tiffany Han
Crazy faith means having faith in things that don’t make any sense externally but that you know in your core are the things that matter the most.
— Tiffany Han
Hold yourself in a container of grace for everything you haven’t done up to this point.
— Tiffany Han


  • Why your failures will disappoint you

  • How to spot performative imperfection and why to avoid it

  • Why having crazy faith is a good thing

  • How to say yes in spite of fear of rejection

  • What Tiffany has been raising her hand and saying yes to lately


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