Imperfect Productivity with Sarah Steckler

Are you and your to do list in a relationship that could best be described as, “It’s complicated?” Or perhaps you’re in a serious LTR…? As recovering perfectionists, it’s so easy for us to fall into the trap of equating our worthiness with how much stuff we can get done in a day. I mean, what could be more rewarding than checking tasks off our lists, right??

The answer?

Soooo much! Life is so much bigger than our to do list, and we are worth so much more than our productivity. With us to shed light on this topic is Sarah Steckler, Mindfulness Practitioner, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and Productivity Strategist. Sarah is here to show us how less is more when it comes to productivity by teaching us how to infuse feel-good mindfulness strategies into our daily lives -- and our to do lists. 📝

MFTP Episode 17: Imperfect Productivity with Sarah Steckler


There’s so much power in doing less more intentionally and with more thought behind it.
— Sarah Steckler
When we feel like we need to hurry is often when we need to slow down the most.
— Sarah Steckler
Part of being productive means stepping into mindfulness practices, including thinking about how we want to feel on a day-to-day basis.
— Sarah Steckler


  • How to disentangle our worthiness from our to do list

  • Alternative ways to measure our productivity

  • Where mainstream productivity strategies fall short

  • The myth of urgency

  • Sarah’s top mindful productivity strategies


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