No Good

As perfectionists, are we allowed to be not good — even bad 😬 — at something? How the heck do we cope with the inevitable fact that there are things in this life we’re simply not good at without letting those things define our overall worth as human beings?

These are the questions we’re here to answer this week, so strap in as we dive deep into one of the worst perfectionist effing nightmares out there.

MFTP Episode 45: No Good


Having to master something — or not master it and sit with the fact that we haven’t — teaches us respect for not only our own abilities but our own limitations and increases our ability to see and respect the talents + gifts of others.
— Jenna
Is the journey of learning worthwhile even if the end isn’t mastery?
— Jenna
If the destination is the only thing you’re driving for, you’re probably off track.
— Jenna


  • Whether we’re “allowed” to not be good at something — and if we are, how to cope with it

  • The relationship between not being good at something and our overall worthiness

  • Why the intention behind our desire to be good at something is key

  • The lessons we learn from lack of mastery or the inability to master something

  • How to acknowledge lack of ability without immediately giving up, judging ourselves way too hard, or allowing a lack of ability in one area to define our overall worth

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