New Year Feels

Happy New Year, fam, and welcome to 2019! 🎊Today, we’re here to cut through the ‘New Year, New You’ BS noise that seems to be everywhere these days and offer a gentler, more empowering alternative for ringing in 2019.

While we may think of the December holidays as the gift-giving season, the new year presents us with a unique opportunity to treat ourselves in the form of feel-good goals and intentions for the year ahead. Magnetic goals that pull you toward them instead of ones based on pushing + forcing 🧲 Sound good? Let’s create some sacred space and dive right on in!

MFTP Episode 50: New Year Feels


All the ‘New Year, New You’ bullshit is our attempt to
cope with, ignore, and deny who, where, and what we’ve been
that we find intolerable about ourselves.
— Jenna
We can grow, shift, and feel good without having to atone for the mistakes we’ve made or try to erase them from history.
— Jenna
When I create goals, I want the process to feel just as good as reaching the end goal.
— Ashley
Focus on feelings over facts and figures.
— Jenna


  • Why ‘New Year, New You’ is a BS scheme

  • How to avoid should’s and goals based on pushing + forcing

  • Creating magnetic goals that pull you toward them

  • Feel-good rituals for the new year

  • Making sacred space for intention setting


The Desire Map book by Danielle LaPorte

The Desire Map planner

@pixiecurio (Chris-Anne Sacred Biz + Tarot) on Instagram

Unravel Your Year workbook by Susannah Conway

A Year To Clear book by Stephanie Bennett Vogt

The Lioness Oracle Tarot deck

Flowerevolution Card Deck

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