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When does wanting more cross the line into striving for perfection? Is it okay to want more when you already have some of what you want, even things others might be lacking? And if it is okay to want more, how the heck do you go after that “more” -- whatever it might be -- without piling on the stress, overwhelm, self-doubt, and self-sabotage? Enter lifestyle development coach Melanie Knights, the originator of #effperfect.

Melanie helps us perfectionist types go after what we want in a healthy, sustaining way, not a draining one. If you’ve been struggling with juggling work, family, self-care, relationships, and all the things, Melanie has some deep wisdom to share about time, priorities, and how to stop should-ing all over yourself.

MFTP Episode 6 - Be More with Melanie Knights


In all of us, there’s that little girl who believes she can be Wonder Woman.
— Melanie Knights
Follow your dreams without the white picket expectations getting in the way. You don’t have to feel guilty or ashamed for wanting more.
— Melanie Knights
So many of us are walking around saying we don’t have time, and when we say that, we’re not freeing up the time, we’re not available for the time that’s there because we’re not looking for it.
— Melanie Knights
It’s not time management. It’s priority management.
— Melanie Knights


  • Why procrastination is perfectionism’s evil twin

  • The lies of time management and “not having enough time”

  • How our seemingly “perfect” priorities keep us stuck

  • Letting go of guilt and shame


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