Doing Hard Things with Megan Dowd

Today’s badass guest, Megan Dowd of Megan Dowd Pilates, definitely subscribes to the belief that challenges are teachers. In fact, she believes that doing hard things is essential to testing the limits of our potential.

This episode is for all the recovering perfectionists among us (hands up 🙌) who are in need of a little reminder that sometimes, the hardest work is slowing down when we feel compelled to speed up and do more.

MFTP Episode 7: Doing Hard Things with Megan Dowd


Challenging yourself gives you insight into the gaps between your day-to-day and what you can actually do when the chips are down.
— Megan Dowd
When trying out something new, figure out whether you need friends or need to be alone in trying that thing.
— Megan Dowd
Learning how you deal with expectations is a huge part of trying out new things.
— Megan Dowd
As perfectionists, our hard work is not doing our best. Our hard work is pumping the brakes.
— Megan Dowd


  • Your default settings for how you respond to challenges

  • The first question Megan asks herself when challenges arise

  • What Tyra Banks + ANTM have to teach us about perfectionism

  • Why you should always show -- and share -- your weird (Hint: It’s what makes us the most loveable!)

  • Why our “best” changes on a daily basis


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