The Language of Love

What makes you feel the most loved?

Are you all about a sentimental card filled with kind words?

The best hug?

The sweetest gesture?

The most thoughtful gift?

Or simply spending quality time with the ones you love?

Today, we’re talking all about our favorite ways to give and receive love, i.e. our love languages.

We’re exploring how knowing our own love languages as well as those of the people we love can revolutionize our relationships — and our lives — for the better.

The Language of Love - Middle Finger To Perfection - Eff Perfect


  • The 5 love languages and the meaning behind each of them

  • Giving versus receiving love

  • How love shows up across different areas and relationships in our lives

  • Why learning our love languages serves us and others

  • Using love languages in relationships


The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts book by Gary D. Chapman

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