Perfectionism, Control, + Letting Go

Ever feel like you’re gripping the steering wheel of life just a liiiiiiitle too tightly? Have others described you as high strung, type A, or overcontrolled? You know, like a perfectionist? Are we the only ones with our hands raised here?? 🙋🙋

In today’s episode, we explore the symbiotic relationship between perfectionism and control -- what drives our desire for control, what we’re trying to avoid, and what we can do when our pursuit of control becomes a hindrance in our lives. We also examine ways to release control, learn to let go, and soften into acceptance. If less running on the hamster wheel and more embracing of simplicity + peace sound good to you, press play now.

MFTP Episode 15: Perfectionism, Control, + Letting Go


Some of our thoughts, some of our feelings, most of our actions and behaviors are within our control, but what’s outside of our control is every other freaking thing in the world.
— Jenna
Control keeps us from truly being seen as our authentic selves.
— Ashley
Ask yourself,
‘In this moment, in this situation, what am I in control of?
What are the things that I can do in this moment to feel like I have influence over my experience of this moment?’
— Jenna
Structure is different from rigidity.
— Ashley


  • The relationship between perfectionism and control

  • Ashley’s 3 P’s of control and what drives them

  • Signs we might be trying to overcontrol things in our lives -- and the most common ways we try to exert control

  • When control can be helpful and when it becomes a hindrance

  • What we can gain from letting go or softening into acceptance


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