Sharing Ourselves + Our Work Imperfectly with Kelly Elizabeth Scott

Whether revealing a life-long dream to a loved one, launching an important project, or putting yourself out there on social media, sharing ourselves and our work with the world in an authentic (read: imperfect) way can be one of the most pants-crappingly scary challenges we face in this life. In this episode, we talk with Kelly Elizabeth Scott, fitness trainer, transformational coach, and eating disorder + autoimmune disease warrior, about how she stepped out of the shadows of perfectionism to create her dream life, business, and passion project, The Wellness Boulevard.

If “I’m not ready” and “It’s not good enough” are your default settings, then this is the conversation for you.

MFTP Episode 14: Sharing Ourselves + Our Work Imperfectly with Kelly Elizabeth Scott - Eff Perfect


In aiming for perfection, I used to spend 50% or more of my time making my work 15% better.
— Kelly Elizabeth Scott
The protection from failure, criticism, and rejection that I was getting from perfectionism wasn’t as helpful as what I was losing.
— Kelly Elizabeth Scott
It’s time to shift, even in the face of perfectionism and anxiety, when it becomes too painful to stay where you are.
— Kelly Elizabeth Scott
It’s not our responsibility to please everyone.
— Kelly Elizabeth Scott


  • How to share even when we don’t feel ready

  • Telling the difference between following our intuition and running from fear

  • The fallacy of perfectionism keeping us safe

  • How Kelly reconciles the fact that everything is a trade-off

  • Getting to the why of what we’re called to do


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