Leaning into the Joy of JOMO

Today, we’re talking about a very specific kind of joy, the Joy Of Missing Out or JOMO.

The opposite of FOMO, JOMO refers to the gratifying feeling you get when you break away from the real or virtual activities of your social group and spend time doing exactly what you most want to do.

Exactly what you most want to do.

Who doesn’t want more of that?

If you’re feeling ready to trade FOMO for JOMO, then this just might be the conversation to help you lean in.

Leaning into the Joy of JOMO - Middle Finger To Perfection podcast - Eff Perfect


  • What JOMO means and why it’s so freaking joyful

  • JOMO versus FOMO

  • How our relationship to FOMO and JOMO changes over time

  • How to lean into and practice JOMO

  • Our favorite JOMO activities


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