Mr. Grey Will See You Now

Uncertainty, unpredictability, ambiguity, doubt… More than the goriest horror movie, these gray area situations can strike fear in heart of many a recovering perfectionist. 😱 As perfectionists, we tend to gravitate toward structure and rules as a way to keep ourselves “safe,” and our preference for certainty can suck us deep into the trap of black and white thinking.

Just like perfectionism is a way of thinking and behaving, of interacting with others and the world, black and white thinking is also a pattern. In today’s episode, we explore the downsides -- and the upsides -- of black and white thinking, where it tends to show up most, and how to stop it from running our lives. 

MFTP Episode 31: Mr. Grey Will See You Now


  • What black and white thinking is all about

  • How polarized thought patterns impact our actions, relationships, and worldviews

  • Where black and white thinking tends to show up most for perfectionists, from food and relationships to boundaries and productivity

  • Why nothing in this world -- including black and white thinking -- is all good or all bad

  • Our go-to strategies for managing the negative effects of black and white thinking → Hint: Awareness, curiosity, and self-compassion are 🔑.

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