Epic Fail

Failure is such a freaking loaded term, and so many of us recovering perfectionists live in fear of it, desperately trying to avoid it at all costs. But in running from failure, we rob ourselves of so much goodness + joy along the way. Does failure really have to be such a bad thing? Is there a way for us to stop demonizing it...and maybe even start to embrace it? 😱 In this mini episode, we explore the concept of reframing failure (and success) and learning to see it as information, feedback, and maybe even a good thing.

MFTP Episode 25: Epic Fail


  • How we define success and failure

  • Healthier -- and happier -- ways to reframe what it means to fail and to succeed

  • Our most epic fails...and how we recovered (and learned) from them

  • How to make failure a good thing

  • Why failing to try is the quickest way to truly fail

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