Eff FOMO: Choosing consciousness on social media

Gorgeous ones, welcome to Episode 2 of Middle Finger to Perfection! Today’s episode is all about the inevitable FOMO that chases us online and how to avoid Instagram depression by choosing consciousness consumption over mindless scrolling on social media.

If you’ve been finding yourself feeling more deprived and disconnected than inspired and engaged on social media, then this episode is for you. Even though our eyes can eat up beautiful images online, they may sit well with our souls. It’s time increase our awareness and make active choices about who and what we allow into our lives online.

Middle Finger to Perfection Episode 2 - Eff FOMO - Choosing consciousness on social media


On social media, we project our own beliefs about the world around us and about ourselves onto other people, and then the stories, these made up stories that we create, confirm our existing beliefs, often to our own detriment.
— Jenna
Comparison strips us of our joy.
— Ashley
Am I doing this to numb out from my life? Am I doing this to not feel something that I really do need to feel and have been ignoring? Am I trying to escape something that really needs my attention?
— Ashley, on mindlessly scrolling through our social media feeds
Going on social media to numb out, escape, or not feel becomes the thing that has you missing out. It can be a place to hide.
— Jenna


  • The curiosity gap -- and how it effs with us online

  • Why we’re hardwired to create stories about ourselves, others, and the world -- and how this plays out on social media

  • The trap of the social media highlight reel

  • How we can bring mindfulness into our consumption online

  • Instagram depression and why it needs to not be a thing


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing book by Marie Kondo

Brené Brown

Lindsey Allen of Lindsey Allen Designs

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