Being Yourself on Social Media with Dillan Digiovanni

Being ourselves can be hard enough in real life, so what hope do we have of pulling off a concept as loaded as authenticity online? In a space where we’re able to construct every aspect of ourselves, how do we resist the pull to smooth out the rough edges, blur the blemishes, and try to look perfect?

Enter our guest, Dillan Digiovanni, integrative health coach and change agent for people + companies. Dillan specializes in the synthesis of well-being, self-awareness, and identity development, and in this episode, he helps us to apply the tools of self-awareness + identity development to our lives in the world and online. If you’ve been trying to reconcile the highlight reel of social media with real life, then this is the conversation for you. Dillan’s powerful personal journey and his unique skillset will have you rethinking your assumptions about how you share online.

MFTP Episode 16: Being Yourself on Social Media with Dillan Digiovanni


Is what you’re putting out going to make the world a better place?
— Dillan Digiovanni


  • Whether authenticity and perfection are mutually exclusive on social media

  • Why social acceptance is inherent to our survival

  • How to tell the difference between helping ourselves, helping others, and exploiting ourselves online

  • The power of social reward

  • How to use our intuition and our feelings of safety + comfort as a barometer for sharing on social media


The Desire Map book by Danielle LaPorte

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