Keep the Change

For most of us recovering perfectionists, our relationship status with change is: It’s complicated. We love us some homeostasis, right? Control, stability, certainty. Just reading those words gives us the warm fuzzies. But what about growing, striving, becoming better, pursuing (the lie of) perfection? Well, that requires change.

What if there were a way to make change work for us? To participate in change, actively engage with it, and co-create with it so that we’re not a bystander watching our own life pass us by, in victim status, or in a constant fight with the process of change. The good news, fam? There is a way. It’s the magical 🦄 known as transformation, and we’re talking all about it today.

MFTP Episode 38: Keep the Change


Life is happening for us — for our highest good, not to us.
— Ashley
Surrender to the reality that change is what is.
— Jenna
Flexibility is an expansive response to the often constrictive process of change.
— Ashley
Transformation is a way to make change work for us — a way to participate in it, engage with it, and co-create with it so that we’re not a bystander, a victim, or in constant fight mode with the process of change.
— Jenna


  • What our relationship with change tells us about ourselves

  • The overlap between change, uncertainty, and control

  • What it means to surrender to change

  • The fundamental difference between change and transformation

  • How to make the most of change

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