The B Word

There’s a certain B word that you can say in front of kids, nuns, and on TV but makes perfectionists and people pleasers run screaming. What is this panic-inducing B word, you ask?

Boundaries. 😱

Personal boundaries are complicated and messy for so many of us, but they’re a special kind of hell for us recovering perfectionists and people pleasers. We often come across as unclear, wishy-washy, a little too aggressive, or wind up feeling resentful if we don’t speak up when our boundaries are violated.

Today, Ashley and I shine some light into the murky depths of personal boundaries as we figure out how to practice better boundaries and feel better about them along the way.

MFTP Episode 33: The B Word


Our ability to set boundaries is directly tied to
our sense of worth and value as people.
— Jenna
The less that we value ourselves,
the less facility we have with boundaries.
The more we value our own worth,
the more we’re able to set clear boundaries.
The more worthy and secure we feel in setting our own boundaries,
the more we’re able to respect and honor the values of others.
— Jenna
When we set boundaries,
we give other people permission to set boundaries, too.
— Ashley
Setting boundaries isn’t selfish,
and it’s not an act of aggression or injury.
— Jenna


  • Implicit and explicit factors that influence our personal boundaries

  • How boundary violations affect our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations

  • The correlation between boundaries and self-worth

  • Why personal boundaries aren’t always personal

  • How to practice better boundaries

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