Bikini Body BS

With all the goodness of summer in full swing comes the familiar frenetic energy around bikinis and “beach bodies.” I’m sorry, what?? Ashley + I are so over all of this bikini body BS. It really brings down our summer vibes and completely conflicts with one of our favorite life mottos: Have body, wear bikini (or whatever the eff else you want).

If you’re as sick of the bikini body BS as we are, then strap right in for an episode devoted to embracing the body you’re in right now and choosing self-love + self-compassion over self-hate + self-punishment. As Ashley says: “What if this, right now -- in the shape and size that your body is right now -- what if this is it? Not one pound more, not one pound less. And then what?” What are we waiting for to rejoice in life and in living -- and living in our body?

MFTP Episode 24: Bikini Body BS


Body image is all in the mind,
which means we can always change our perspective.
We can reimagine how we view our bodies.
— Ashley
Body image is not in any way linked to whatever objective reality exists about our body.
It is an internalized representation of what we think about our body.
— Jenna
Healthy body image means being able to rejoice and be in the body we are given —
this very body we are in right now, on its own terms.
— Ashley
What are we waiting for to rejoice in life and in living —
and living in our body?
— Jenna


  • The constructs of embodiment versus disembodiment

  • Why the number on the scale holds so much power

  • Ashley’s go-to simple yet compelling embodiment practices

  • Empowering ourselves + the people we love by changing the way we talk about our bodies

  • How to starve unhealthy body image practices instead of starving our bodies


The Life You Were Born To Live: A Guide To Finding Your Life Purpose book by Dan Millman

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