The Big Day

As we officially enter the season of big events with the upcoming holidays + new year juuuuust around the corner, we thought it would be the ideal time to talk about the unique challenges — and opportunities! — that these types of big days + events present for us recovering perfectionists.

Between all of the tasks we have to manage plus the pressure to do and be everything, it’s all too easy for us to fall into the trap of comparison and pin our worthiness to less important details like whether the food is properly seasoned or the decorations are festive enough. We often to forget to simply be present and enjoy the moments on these big days.

So amidst the whirlwind, we’re taking a breath and focusing in on what really matters. Let’s enjoy this moment together, shall we?

MFTP Episode 43: The Big Day


  • How to break down the pressure + expectations around big events

  • What to do when people pleasing rears it ugly head on the big day

  • How the mind eff of comparison + control manifest in the desire for things to go perfectly

  • What’s truly important at big events

  • How to focus on what really matters amid the whirlwind of the big day → Hint: It starts with how things feel.

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