Be Humble?

Are confidence and humility mutually exclusive, or can they coexist peacefully? For many of us recovering perfectionists and people pleasers, humble is our default setting, maybe even too humble.

What happens, though, when we start to notice the subtle and not-so-subtle downsides to making ourselves smaller and less important? How can we start to build confidence and -- gasp! -- maybe even step into some swagger?

Turn your 🎧 up to find out. 

MFTP Episode 29: Be Humble?


Confidence is a skill built through doing.
— Jenna
Confidence is not a scarce resource.
It’s available to all of us in abundance.
One person having a lot of confidence and swagger doesn’t mean that another person can’t have it.
— Jenna
We don’t have to earn our confidence through blood, sweat, and tears. We are allowed to access and tap into confidence just because we are.
— Jenna
We can all be our own kind of Beyoncé.
— Ashley


  • What being humble truly means

  • How humility protects us and keeps us safe

  • Whether confidence is a skill or something we’re born with

  • The myth of “earning” confidence

  • Techniques to build our confidence and step into our swagger

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