Behind the Scenes of Eff Perfect

Today is the day when Ashley and I (Jenna 🤗) fully come out of the perfectionism / behind the scenes closet. We want to invite you in to learn a little bit more about us and how + why we came to do what we do.

If you’ve ever wondered who the heck we are and what makes us want to host a podcast -- and start a movement -- around giving the middle finger to perfection, then this is the episode you’ve been waiting for. 

MFTP Episode 13: Behind the Scenes of Eff Perfect


The more perspective you have about what’s truly important — what’s worth your concern, your time, your thought and what really isn’t — is the key to greater happiness, joy, and peace in your life.
— Jenna
One thing I wish I had learned sooner is: Who freaking cares??
— Ashley
If I can bring into my conscious awareness the fact that perfectionism is trying to take hold of my thoughts, feelings, or behaviors, then I can actually make a choice about how I respond to it.
— Jenna
When I notice perfectionism creeping in, the best thing I can do for myself is literally get up and walk away. I remove myself from the situation and put on a song, write in my journal, or do something creative that uses the other side of my brain.
— Ashley


  • How Jenna’s failed dream of becoming a UN interpreter led to her work a therapist

  • The health diagnosis that changed Ashley’s entire life + career path

  • Our favorite things about hosting the podcast

  • How we would choose to spend 30 minutes of magical extra free time

  • Our current mantras


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The Institute for Integrative Nutrition


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