*Episode 44: Finding Your Medicine as a Leader with Anna Caroline Turk

Hey, Boss Babes! Today, we are stepping into our unique identities as leaders, and we are so pleased to welcome Anna Caroline Türk of Truth Circles as our leadership sherpa. Join us as Anna Caroline gently guides us toward finding our own medicine as leaders, the secret sauce that only we can offer the world.

If you’ve been struggling to find, own, and share your singular gifts + talents as an entrepreneur -- and human being -- you’re in the right place. Anna Caroline teaches us how to identify our gifts, start leading, supporting, and mentoring ourselves, and surround ourselves with the people who will support us when we falter or forget how essential our contributions are.



“We actually know what we need to do next when we connect with our truth, our medicine, and our purpose. We have the wisdom inside.”

— Anna Caroline Türk

“We all have a tone, and we play it into the universe. If we don’t play our tone, then there is disharmony. It’s our life’s purpose to bring out our tone, to share our medicine, and to feel fully alive.”

— Anna Caroline Türk

“It’s really important to have visionary supporters who know your medicine, believe in your medicine, and have tasted it, so that they can remind you when you forget.”

— Anna Caroline Türk

“Leadership starts with ourselves. We must claim our leadership for ourselves and become our own mentor + supporter. From there, we dare to show up more fully with our presence and our medicine.”

— Anna Caroline Türk


  • Finding the unique medicine that everyone and everything has to offer
  • The myth of work-life “balance”
  • Why your business is a living thing that needs to be nourished on all levels
  • How your intuition can surprise you
  • Connecting with nature as a way to work through fear


Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water book by Nina Freudenberger, Heather Summerville, and Brittany Ambridge

Good Clean Food: Super Simple Plant-Based Recipes for Every Day book by Lily Kunin

Clean Food Dirty City on Instagram

Beauty from the Inside Out book by Bobbi Brown


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