What if...

You walked into a room with confidence - without having to mentally compare yourself to everyone else first? 

You didn’t care what your boss, coworkers, or neighbors thought about you?

You left the house feeling good - without trying on every outfit in your closet and adjusting your hair + makeup a million times?

You weren’t afraid to say no - or speak up?

You could put things out there knowing they’re not perfect and actually feel good about it?

Your decisions were based on your own happiness and not the expectations of others?

You could say F*CK IT and really mean it? 

What if your worth were unconditional?

Freedom from crushing expectations is possible when we tell perfect to eff the eff off.

But how the eff do we do that, you ask?

The answer?



We leverage the strength + power of a community of badass women united in the purpose of lifting each other up.

A space in which we want freedom just as much for ourselves as we do for our perfectionist sisters.

We’ve walked this path before, and we know where the pitfalls are.

Think of us as your middle finger to perfection sherpas on the journey to freedom and flow.

This fall, we’ll be guiding an intimate group of our perfectionist sisters on the journey toward embracing our imperfections and owning our worth.

Say yes to being Imperfectly Perfect.

Join us.

We love you already, no matter what.