The Thigh Gap

The Thigh Gap - Eff Perfect

With summer in full swing, the days are long, the sun is out, the sunroofs are open, and the vibe is high -- and everyone is talking nonstop about “getting into shape,” working on that “bikini body,” and getting “beach ready.” The pressure is on to live your best life ever in your best beach body ever and have the best summer ever. So, how many times this summer have you thought about thigh gaps -- whether you have one, want one, what it would take to get one? 

The thigh gap is just the next thing that we, as women, are supposed to have in order for our bodies to be acceptable, worthy, perfect.

Big boobs, round booty, flat stomach. And now, the thigh gap. So much shit is hurled at us every day from every direction, and some of it -- too much of it -- sticks. We internalize the external standards, and the messages start to come from within. It’s no longer just the magazine covers calling out our flaws and our shortcomings. We police our bodies all on our own.

Do you think the men in your life have given one effing second’s thought to their thigh gap status? Hell no!! Because those toxic body messages are sent to women, not men. Does their self-worth plummet when they feel one thigh rub against the other? No way! They don’t notice, and it would never even occur to them that someone else might notice -- or care.

The truth? Your worth is based on a hell of a lot more than your body and whether you have a freaking thigh gap. We simply cannot reduce our value as human beings to a sliver of empty space between our legs. From now on, when the ridiculous body messages get hurled at you -- by the magazines or your inner mean girl -- know that we’ve got your back, and we’re standing beside you, thigh to thigh.

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