Hustling For Worthiness

Hustling For Worthiness - Eff Perfect

You wake up in the morning already exhausted. Your brain is swirling with all the to-do’s and tasks that need to get done, yet you feel paralyzed. 

You stare at the ceiling thinking, “How the heck am I going to get through this day?” Deep down you may know the expectation of perfection is weighing you down, and the last thing you want to do is push and force and prove your way through your day once again….but you have to. Your worthiness depends on it.

Or does it? 

Do you believe that your productivity = your value and worth? 

Do you believe the way your body, makeup, or hair look = your worthiness or somehow makes you better?

Do believe your likability and success = your worthiness?

The truth is no, they don’t make you any more valuable or worthy than you already are.

But still so many of us wake up each day feeling bombarded with the expectations of perfection - to be perfect with our looks, how we raise our children, what we eat, how much we accomplish, how we run our businesses, and so on… 

So what do we do? Where do we go from here? How do we stop hustling for our worthiness and know, at the heart and Soul level, that there is nothing we need to do, say or be that will make us more worthy than we already are? 

First, let’s acknowledge that moving away from living a life driven by perfectionism can be scary AF. It can feel incredibly vulnerable and raw because you are no longer ‘protected’ by the 'perfect this' or the 'perfect that.'

But it’s worth it. You're worth it. 

Carving this path of being real versus being perfect is so, so, so worth it. 

Start seeing that fear that you may feel about imperfection as a big, beautiful shining YES encouraging you to be brave, keep going and be the real you. 

Take baby steps - leave a task on your to-do list, wear a mis-matched outfit, don’t go to the gym one day, leave the dishes in the sink, un-answer an email for a day. Believe me, your world will not fall to pieces!

It’s not perfect that holds the worth, it’s you. Messy and genuine, chaotic and caring - the real, imperfect and enough you.

Let's end our hustle for worthiness, TOGETHER. Join us by taking the Eff Perfect Pledge and give your middle finger to perfection.